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I like to download stuff but my ISP gets mad. I'm not supporting illegal activity but need to know if this blocks my IP address and makes it so nothing gets reported back to ISP.

I currently use UltraSurf and its works most of the time. I want complete internet anonymity.

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Hello Anonymous,

we are sorry, but using torrent anonymously with eBlocker is not possible without further ado. eBlocker only filters on port 80 (HTTP). All other ports would be forwarded. You could try to configure your torrent client, that it uses port 80.

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Meanwhile have a look at, a linux live distribution dedicated to total privacy (intended for Dissidents and critical journalists) which doesn't give you ad filtering but the tools for complete privacy (don't forget that a foolish user still is able to compromise his privacy by using personal accounts (forums/webmail/ftp/...) or other nogos.

But if it's just to hide your doings from your ISP it's almost foolproof.