eBlocker blocks too much

Torsten shared this question 1 year ago
Need Answer

eBlocker is a great product - as soon as you disable it. It blocks every website, sometimes ongoing. sometimes spontaneously. It seems to do a good job when it runs but it blocks any work environment after a few hours. In our environment - MBP, MB Air, iPhones and iPads, iMac - the eBlocker shuts off a lot of apps on the iPads and iPhones, but also websites like amazon or eBay on the iPads and iPhones. These pages don't open at all. On both the desktop machines and the mobile devices websites open slow enough to cause timeouts.

To get the eBlocker working somehow the SSL functionality has to be switched off for the devices. It can be noticed that sites suddenly open at normal speed instead of not opening at all. Also the SSL functionality blocks the backup routines of Crashplan, even it is defined in the exceptions. After a while the full eBlocker functionality needs to be blocked If you want to open websites, run your email etc.

Recent eBlocker is connected to a FritzBox 7490, the devices connect to the internet via an TimeCapsule, there is some Intego software running in the backround. It should just work, but at the moment it only allows normal work at normal speed (if it allows any kind of work at all) when it's deactivated for each machine.