Hardware installation (must read!)

If you are installing a plug-and-play eBlocker or your own Raspberry/Banana Pi (after you inserted the eBlocker OS SD-card), please follow these instructions.

1. Connect the Ethernet port of the eBlocker to your Internet router or to a free Ethernet port of your

2. Connect the micro-USB cable to the eBlocker and connect it to the power adaptor.

Important: Make sure  you are using a separate power supply with at least 10 Watts or 2A. Most standard 
USB outlets from computers or routers do not have enough power and can result in strange behavior or failure.

3. Wait 5 minutes until the eBlocker has finished booting up and has configured itself.

4. Visit http://setup.eblocker.com/. The eBlocker icon will be shown on the upper right
corner of the screen. It shows that the eBlocker is active and that you are protected. With a click on
the icon, the eBlocker Controlbar will open and allow further configuration

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